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Atomic Friends,

In this time of civil unrest, of renewed international terror, we must all join together and find strength in our brave ability for hope. The world is about to be destroyed. Are you surprised at your own apathetic reaction to this statement? And does that frighten you?

This is not a time to wonder if humanity will stop existing, but rather when and how it will end. Everyone has been, since their birth, barreling toward a destiny that is the final destruction of our species. We all travel through space, fellow space travellers, at a speed of thirty kilometres per second, in a cycle that take hundreds of millions of years to complete. Here, in what we consider the height of civilization, we have created our own ballistic missiles that travel six kilometres per second and takes mere minutes to complete a cycle, from calm to nuclear annihilation. The nuclear warhead will reach its target in the time it takes for a pizza to be delivered to your doorstep. It is our collective manifest destiny to party until we nuke, until one face of a kind destroys its likeness. For our own entitlement we will maim, destroy, poison, torch and obliterate the other. We will hide our own perversity in that death and our fear of what lies beyond ourselves will disappear. We ourselves will disappear in spineless integrity as the world is swallowed up by a destruction of the likes we have never seen. And how far will we take it, this self-delusion?


You will know death when it harbours in your port. You will know death when it kisses you in your sleep. You will know death when it reveals its hooded shape. You will know death when it claims you from your pain. You will know death when it strikes out toward you, as a stranger travelling through the night, at unimaginable speeds, for unimaginable distances, hunting you down with the will that is timeless, that thrives and dies with pride and glory. You will know death when it sleeps with your lover. You will know death when it survives in your children. You will know death when you drink it down and it is made to taste like righteousness. You will know death when you seek the truth. You will know death when it arrives.


The war to end all wars ended in 1918 and the citizens are still grappling with this failure of imagination. Now they lie and wait in some great exception, for a brief glint of truth that will contradict this fact. War after war, we swear it will be the last. But it is the internal change that does not take place, the one behind the poet’s words, behind the musician’s song. The great change needs to come from within. To admit this in a culture of lack would be political and economic suicide. But set yourself alone in a bare room, starve yourself for a week and you will reach a state of contentment that you never thought possible. This must not be told. Bliss does not come from ignorance or knowledge but from nothingness.

The internet is our ever important ally. It is the new beacon of ancestry that will fill the missing elements of the citizen’s thought.

Never underestimate the power of a well constructed national broadcast. Even if the citizen indulges in dissident thinking, he is already lost by engaging in dialogue. Alone in his righteous struggle against society, the citizen is an ant conversing with a spacecraft. The constructed national broadcast holds an inherent truth in every case, whether it is conscious or unconscious, positive or negative.

Never underestimate the power of a well constructed national broadcast. When the media will justify our use of The Atomic Bomb, it will give voice to the thoughts of the citizen in a limited emotional appeal:

“We have to get them before they get us”
“They deserve what they’re gonna get”

Of course, even the idealist will have a point of entry in the discourse:

“Think of our children”
“We will bring them freedom”

It will be necessary to reduce the depth of the citizen’s thought to avoid being blinded by compassion.


How can one determine if an action is humane? Humane is simply, in old English, an earlier form of the word human. Etymologically speaking, an action only needs to be human in nature to be humane. For a human to kill someone, or to kill someone humanely, is the same thing. The humaneness of one’s actions is determined by the victor.


“Do you imagine your sufferings will be less because you loved goodness, truth?” - The Thin Red Line

We have our own horrors to think about before we judge those of others. For example, even before unleashing The Atomic Bomb in Japan, we fire-bombed fifty of its major cities, leading to a destruction rate as high as ninety percent in some cases, including the loss of civilian life. Can you accept that? Listen, during the war, the Kamikaze pilots were a fierce group of terrorists that welcomed death and needed to be discouraged from their actions. Therefore, it was necessary to kill their wives and their children, and so on.

The American dream was alive and well then, as it is today. It did not die along with JFK, in Vietnam, at the Chicago race riots or in the cockpit of a drone flying over Pakistan. The country is evermore alive in moments of relishing violence, like in 1945 when President Truman set in motion the groundwork for our vision with three beautiful words, the holy trinity that will again lead to a vast resurrection: “Drop the Bomb”.


A mob, a crowd, is a very useful thing. But it is dangerous as well. It could just as easily celebrate and dance as tear an individual apart in the most gruesome and bloody of deaths. Once the mob reaches homeostasis, it will do what is necessary to remain in this frame of existence. With every ray of truth-light that breaks through its bouldered cavern, it will feel its individual weakness, and strive to cover that ray up as quickly as humanly possible. Truth does not come from any absolute value, but from what is popularly believed to be true in a place and time.

You will take notice of this observation: when someone stands up to clap at a concert, the next individual’s inhibition diminishes almost immediately. Then, the said individual stands up and claps as well, sometimes with true intentions. But this process happens over and over again, until the vast majority is standing and clapping, though only a minority really felt the need to do so in the first place. It is a widespread delusion.


The Great Crimes of human society will continuously go unpunished, because they are in reality the blueprint of our very nature. The murder of thousands is easily justifiable while the murder of one is a heinous act that needs to be used as an example. The citizen can watch genocide unflinchingly, all the while desecrating the holiness of individual action.

The Great Will overbears the will of one, and the citizen will become increasingly impotent as this principle continues to be thought.

The Great Truth overbears the truth of one, and the citizen, an easily manageable cog, will become apathetic, slowly for some, but surely for all.


NIXON: I still think we ought to take the dikes out now. Will that drown people?
KISSINGER: That would drown about 200,000 people.
NIXON: Well, no,no,no…I’d rather use the nuclear bomb.
KISSINGER: That, I think, would just be too much.
NIXON: The nuclear bomb? Does that bother you?
KISSINGER: [Inaudible]
NIXON: I just want you to think big, Henry, for Christ’s sakes.
Nixon White House Tapes
25 April 1972

The deployment of The Atomic Bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were important social experiments. We learned great things about human nature and how the citizen reacts after causing an impressive tragedy. In short, it is quite easy to carry through if the target is vilified enough to make it a believable measure. A culture of hate was built around the ancient noble civilization of the Japanese, in effect creating an image of the civilized savage. This was done by exaggerating their evils and downplaying our own part in their desperation. The erasure of causation is the root of all malleable thought. Let us take a current example to enlighten us further; the Muslim.

With the holy war relegated to the past, there is much room for invention in the current cause against the Muslim. The citizen is deaf, dumb and blind, and as he hears, sees and speaks no evil, he will fail to recognize this war for what it is. He will cover his ears, blindfold himself and sew his mouth as war washes him anew in its wave of terror and fury.

The end of the world will not be a failed experiment in intelligence. Our spacecraft, planet earth, will remain what it has always been; a repository for hopes and dreams, though limited to the phenomenal realm. Our reptilian brains will eat themselves alive, with our leaders at the helm of this cannibalism, and we will suck our own cold-blooded consciousness out of materiality. Our hand will be forced, and we will bring death and victory to our ideals.

The end of the world will be the last religious war fought between Pope and Caliphate as they lead their unconscious armies to the portended apocalypse. A bleak and radioactive landscape will follow, but this will be true and necessary. Yes, what God will it be then? The God of bleakness? The God of dust? The God of freedom? Who knows, but He will be ours.


The greatest truth of this generation is the lie of terrorism. Whereas McCarthy was a lone rogue, slamming his fist on a pulpit and spewing his fear-mongering hatred of the communist, this kind of fear has now been bred into the social consciousness of the citizen. This weakness must be exploited. It is a playground rife with selfish desires in an age of individualism. The consent has been manufactured, packaged, and consumed like a happy meal; that is, shit out before it has been properly digested. The citizen will continue to believe in his vision long after realizing its implications, just as he continues to eat Mcdonald’s with the knowledge that it helps him to the grave. He will accept the consequences of apathy and be content with his limited grasp of reality, a point of view bolstered by the positive reinforcement of individualism.

The terrorist opposes this. He does not believe in the individual freedom of the citizen. He despises this, and would not know what to do with freedom if we handed it over in the shape of a holy gospel. He does not love properly. He does not live cleanly. He is what you despise most, what you fear, and his goal is to take away everything you care about. You see, this is the genius of the terrorist; he is everything and nothing at once. He is malleable and ever-changing. He is an overreaching categorization that knows no bounds and has no core. He is a mystified term that only represents one thing; the power of those that wield it. And this is what we must remember. We wield the power to our own inevitable destiny. We wield The Atomic Bomb.


“We knew the world would not be the same. A few people laughed, a few people cried, most people were silent. I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad-Gita; Vishnu is trying to persuade the Prince that he should do his duty and, to impress him, takes on his multi-armed form and says, ‘Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.’ I suppose we all thought that, one way or another.” - Robert J. Oppenheimer, on the creation of The Atomic Bomb, 1960.

Who deserves death? If a nuclear warhead visits your house and knocks on your door, will you be there to answer for your sins, to protect your family? Will you be at once deeply at peace with death? Or will you feel small, huddled and alone as the radioactive heat overbears your last thought which might be “can this terror really exist?”

But it will not come suddenly for everyone.

Imagine yourself as you bathe in a river of fire. With every act of cleansing a layer of your skin peels away from your body and gets carried downstream where a dam is systematically being built out of human skin and carcasses. Do you see yourself surrounded by them, the multitude, as they bathe in the burning river? Some even smile, hot with the welcoming of death. They smile without lips, mad with the pain of radiation poisoning. They rub their stomachs with granulated soap and reach for their internal organs, which burst and spew their contents of rot and boiled steak. Roll, roll, roll your stomach gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is like a dream.


On 16 July 1945, in the Jordana Del Muerto desert, the morning is dark and heavy. As the atoms begin to move in the gadget hoisted on a tall wooden frame, and in the milliseconds that follow, the Atomic Gospel is incepted. Trinity ripples through the desert floor and resounds through the tall desert hills. The sun rises suddenly and without warning. The atomic cloud grows. We embark on the journey of death.


From the Cuban missile crisis to the Norwegian rocket incident, we have, over the years, repeatedly been a breath or two away from annihilation. There is a great gap between the danger that exists and the danger perceived by the citizen. This is fine. We accept that certain lies are necessary to reach The Great Truth. The North Dakotan missile silos will not be silent for long. The A.Q. Khan arsenal will not vanish in a fantasy of forgiveness. The loose screws of our minds will not be tightened by the holy ghost.

“Every man, woman and child lives under a nuclear sword of Damocles, hanging by the slenderest of threads, capable of being cut at any moment by accident or miscalculation or by madness. The weapons of war must be abolished before they abolish us.” - John F. Kennedy, UN Address, 1961.

As long as nuclear war remains possible, we should heed this irreducible, demonstrable fact: what remains possible is also inevitable. Atomic Friends, we are not far.

We will wait for The Great Event. Like the planes crashing into The Great Towers, a new terrorist attack will focus the citizen’s sadness and horror. The illusion of strength will fade and one by one, the citizen will turn to the mob to reassert his values. Then, as history has shown us time after time, we will have the freedom to respond with our unbounded might.

The countdown to zero does not mark the moments leading to nuclear disarmament, but the spinning hands of the clock as we await the coming of The Atomic Bomb. The Great Truth will be manifest in its elliptical metal casing and our ideals of liberty and freedom will rain down upon the actors of terror in the shape of nuclear ashes.


A great peace will befall us. It will spread from continent to continent, from coast to coast. It will shine with the sunrise and dim with the horizon. It will be universal, given to everything. Once everything is destroyed peace will exist, there, ready to be questioned by the first fist that rises from the grave.



released November 11, 2014



all rights reserved



私たちは、日本に大きないる :

The Atomic Bomb is not only a band, but a counterculture movement that seeks to reengage the dialogue of nuclear threat in a modern context.
Their first release, the M.A.D. EP, tells the story of an unnamed citizen battling with the mediocrity of his daily life and the perceived ability to bring nuclear apocalypse upon the world.

Long Live the Bomb!
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